Bob Jones

Installing a Bidet in Your Bathroom

If you are looking to install a bidet in your bathroom, there are a few things to know first. A bidet requires a substantial amount of water to function properly. The water supply can be easily obtained by connecting a… Continue reading

What’s the Buzz About Bidet Toilets?

Whats the Buzz About Bidets

Many people are curious about bidet toilets and are wondering how they work. This article will answer your questions about whether bidet toilets are better than toilet paper and how sanitary they are for females. There is a lot of… Continue reading

Buying a Bidet Under $100

When it comes to bidets under $100, there are quite a few different options. These include non-electric bidet seats, portable bidets, and bidet sprayers. Despite the price range, bidets under $100 don’t have very advanced technology. However, they are a… Continue reading

Bidet Conversion For Toilets

bidet conversion for toilets

If you don’t want to install an entire bidet in your bathroom, consider installing a bidet conversion kit. These devices attach to your existing toilet and provide efficient cleansing in your private areas. They also reduce your toilet paper and… Continue reading