DIY BIDET – EASY Homemade Bidet – $19

DIY BIDET – EASY Homemade Bidet – $19

This DIY Bidet is such an easy homemade bidet to make. and it only costs about $19!

No toilet paper? No problemo Senior. Just watch as Luke shows you how to be resourceful, and make your very own “apocalypse proof” diy bidet. Also, it might come in handy if you ever get and an unexpected intruder while you’re on the can!

The “$19 Bidet is the EASY Homemade Bidet for you!

Recommended bidet sprayers:

On Seat:

Parts List:
1. Spray Nozzle:

2. Hose:

3. Coupling:

4. Transition Hose:

5: Brass T:

Dont forget your teflon tape!