How To Install A BIDET Attachment To Convert Any Toilet Into BIDET / Luxe Neo Review

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Some people mistake bidets for awkward sinks, drinking fountains, second toilets, or unusual urinals. Others think bidets are used for washing their feet or even keeping their drinks on ice (shower beer, anyone?).

Maybe you’ve heard stories of people accidentally spraying the whole bathroom… and themselves! Or maybe you’ve just seen a cool real estate listing for a master suite complete with his and hers closets and luxury ensuite bath with bidet toilet and wondered, “what is a bidet?”

Bidets are slowly becoming essential parts of modern American bathrooms and have been an essential part of other countries' bathrooms for a long time.

These high-tech, toilet and bidet combos are a more recent innovation. They are added onto an existing toilet with a simple DIY installation, replacing the toilet seat. You’ll use the bidet function while still sitting on the toilet – no waddling across the bathroom! A hygienic nozzle extends beneath you to spray, then retracts inside the seat when not in use.

Electronic bidet toilet seats even have integrated water heaters, so you can enjoy warm water washes. Plus, these modern marvels have all sorts of extras like heated seats, night lights, deodorizers, and warm air dryers.

Bidet attachments and sprayers are other bidet add-on options for your toilet. Powered only by water pressure, they’re also the most economical. Bidet attachments install underneath your toilet seat instead of replacing it. You control the nozzle spray by turning a dial on the attachment arm.
In this video I show you guys who easy it is to install this attachment.

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