Use a Bidet for a cleaner BUTT! Work on ANY Toilet! Benefits, installation, and review!

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 Hi everyone today I’m going to be giving you a review on the Neo 120 Bidet, you know that thing that shoots water at your bum and for some reason, most Americans are afraid of! I’ll quickly show you how easy it is to install and some of the big benefits using a bidet offers. So if you decide you do want this one, I included a link in the description below where you can pick this one up for less than $50 bucks!
I had no idea I could get a high-quality bidet for such a low price. I used to think they cost $100s and even thousands of dollars. You don’t need to be a plumber, this bidet is very simple to install.
Before I get into the installing I’ll go over some of the benefits.
Better personal hygiene and cleaning.
It’s like washing your dirty car. You get a much better clean if you hose it down with water compared to wiping it down with towels.
Greatly reduce the impact you have on the environment
I’m using about 75% less toilet paper and no more expensive wet wipes. Americans use close to 8 million tons of toilet paper every year, and forests are being destroyed to keep up with this demand.

Save money and reduce household waste.
Better skincare and more comfortable to use.
Reduce plumbing problems and prevent clogs.
Bidets are becoming more popular with older people because they help prevent UTIs.
It is one of the best investments I’ve made. I can’t imagine being without one. I do admit, it took some convincing to get my girlfriend to actually use it, but now after a week of using it she loves it.
If you live in a cold climate then you might want to get the Neo 320 which has cold and hot settings so you don’t get sprayed with ice water.
For around $10 bucks more there’s a dual nozzle model, the 185 which has a nozzle for women, and I’m assuming the second nozzle sprays a different shape at a slightly different angle.
For me, this bidet was a great investment and after doing hours of research I went with brand because of its spotless reviews.
That’s my review, if you found the video helpful I always appreciate those thumbs up! And thank you for watching.
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