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How to Cover Up a Bidet

how to cover up a bidet

Keeping a bidet in the bathroom is an inconvenience, but there are several ways to hide it. For one thing, you can turn it into another visually pleasing item. You can paint or polish a wooden box, for example. You… Continue reading

The Best Bidet Options

best bidet options

If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly way to reduce the amount of toilet paper you use, consider investing in a bidet. A bidet attaches to either the toilet seat or shower and provides a dedicated stream of water for… Continue reading

What is a Bidet Toilet?

what is a bidet toilet

Bidet toilets are freestanding toilet-like apparatuses with fixed faucets. They are an excellent alternative to toilet paper and can save you up to $110 a year. Bidet toilets also have the added benefit of reducing the risk of diverticulitis, which… Continue reading

How Do Bidet Toilets Work?

how do bidet toilets work

Bidet toilets work by supplying a thin jet of water to the bowl. The bidet nozzle is positioned in the center of the bowl. The user turns a valve that turns on the water supply. The water jet is very… Continue reading

Bidet Conversion Kit

bidet conversion kit

A bidet conversion kit allows for heat-controlled seat during excretion. Some bidet conversion kits even include a dryer with an initial temperature setting. These systems do away with the need for tissue paper while excreting. These units are available in… Continue reading

Installing a Bidet in Your Bathroom

If you are looking to install a bidet in your bathroom, there are a few things to know first. A bidet requires a substantial amount of water to function properly. The water supply can be easily obtained by connecting a… Continue reading

Why US Bathrooms Don’t Have Bidets

Bidets have been around for over 300 years. They’re used worldwide and are more hygienic than just toilet paper. Why haven’t they made it to the US?