are bidets hsa eligible

HSA, Flexible Spending Account, and Health Reimbursement Arrangements can reimburse you for a wide variety of medical expenses. These funds can also cover over-the-counter medications and treatments. Use a qualified medical expense search tool to determine what items are eligible. The easiest way to pay for eligible items is to use a payment card.

The average cost of toilet paper is about $1 per roll, even before coupons. A bidet can reduce this amount by as much as 70%. This can add up to a savings of $286 per year for a family. The savings can be even higher for bigger households. Another advantage is the reduction in the number of clogged pipes. Plumbing problems cost an average of $160, and a bidet can save you a substantial amount of money.

The health risks of bidets are not fully understood. There is still a need for more research on this issue. However, proper bidet use can help reduce existing risks. Using the bidet properly and cleaning it frequently is essential for a clean and sanitary result.

Bidets can be eligible under the FSA if they are a medical necessity. A physician’s note proving a need for the purchase is required to get approval. Some medical expenses, including acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, and massage therapy, can also be covered with HSA funds.

Many people who suffer from aging or disabilities often experience challenges in the bathroom. This can affect their ability to urinate and even to move around. For these people, an electric bidet seat can make bathroom access easier and more comfortable. Additionally, it can increase their independence.

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