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Are Bidets Bad For UTIs?

Bidets can provide a safe and cost-effective alternative to toilet paper for maintaining clean genitalia and reducing UTIs, by keeping bacteria off of it. But proper use must be observed.

Water should always be directed toward the urethra rather than… Continue reading

How Use Bidet Toilet Bowls

how use bidet toilet

Bidets have become incredibly popular across Europe. These small porcelain bowls, often placed next to toilets with an attached water spigot, are known as bidets.

Some bidets require electricity and should be connected to a GFCI outlet to reduce the… Continue reading

How Much For a Bidet Toilet?

how much for a bidet toilet

Bidets have become a standard bathroom fixture throughout Europe. Though less popular here, bidets can save both energy and toilet paper costs while providing added savings potential.

A bidet spray attachment typically costs $40-$90 and attaches directly to your existing… Continue reading

Bidet Attachment for You?

Bidet Attachment for You?

Imagine this: You’ve just returned home after a long, hectic day at work, and you make a beeline to the bathroom to freshen up. As you do your business, you dread the upcoming undesirable and unsanitary… Continue reading

The Rise of Bidets: A Global Phenomenon

Bidets have been making a splash in bathrooms around the world, revolutionizing the way we think about personal hygiene. What was once a luxurious and exclusive fixture in European aristocratic households has now become a global phenomenon, transforming an average… Continue reading

How Easy is it to Install a Bidet?

Bidets offer an effective alternative to toilet paper. Not only will they significantly decrease paper waste, but they can also prevent clogged pipes. While bibets can often be installed within minutes in any bathroom, certain models may require professional plumbing… Continue reading

Bidet Vs Toilet

bidet vs toilet

Western Europe, South America and some Asian countries use bidets to clean themselves after toileting – these devices provide cleaner and more hygienic results than toilet paper and are much more environmentally-friendly too!

Manual or electric models may suit you… Continue reading

Bidet Dual Temperature

bidet dual temperature

A bidet dual temperature upgrade is an economical way to transform your toilet into a hygienic spraying system using only fresh water. Compatible with all toilet models, installation takes only minutes with no plumbing required! Crafted using premium components including… Continue reading

Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison

bidet toilet seat comparison

As any fan of bidet toilet seats will know, there are a variety of models to select from when shopping for one. Some models provide more advanced features while others may provide various functions.

Before purchasing, it is crucial to… Continue reading

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