A Bidet For Travel – A Convenient and Cost-Effective Way to Wash After Going to the Bathroom

By Bob Jones May16,2023

bidet for travel

Travel bidets provide a quick and cost-effective solution for refreshing after using the bathroom. These handheld bidet sprays consist of a small bottle with an attached nozzle; to use one simply fill up its container with clean water before squeezing out its contents.

Bidets offer more cleanliness and comfort than toilet paper, helping reduce hemorrhoids, itching and other symptoms of hemorrhoids. If you’re used to using bidets at home, portable bidets make traveling much simpler.

Easy to Use

Eco-minded travelers who prioritize staying clean while traveling should consider investing in a bidet as an ideal solution to keep themselves comfortable away from home. Created to replace toilet paper, bidets are more hygienic, comfortable and sustainable than wet wipes; but unfortunately regular bidets that come attached permanently cannot travel with them on their travels.

A travel bidet is a handheld sprayer you fill with water, aim and squeeze – compact, convenient and easy to use! Many models also feature an accordion design for convenient storage in bags or backpacks until needed.

Just bolt the nozzle on, fill with cold or warm water (whichever your preference), twist off to aim, squeeze bottle for cleansing water to flow across genitalia and use towel to dry afterward if necessary. Keep in mind, however, non-electric handheld travel bidets require physical strength in order to operate effectively and this may prove challenging for individuals living with arthritis or physical limitations.


Bidets offer an alternative to toilet paper rolls by cleaning with a stream of water instead. You can customize temperature and jet strength settings according to your comfort, with some travel bidets employing heated nozzles or cold water models, while it may be recommended that users turn on cold-water models first before beginning pooping, in order to allow enough time for their nozzle to warm up before use, thus minimizing risks such as burns or irritation.

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Are You Camping, Hiking or Backpacking and Need A Bidet? A travel bidet like the Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet can make life much simpler in the great outdoors by eliminating toilet paper usage altogether. Easy to Use and Pack; Affordable; Includes Carry Bag


Bidets utilize clean water to flush away feces more hygienically than toilet paper can. While you may still use toilet paper after a bowel movement or intercourse, using a bidet will prove more efficient and may prevent bacteria buildup on your hands.

Travel bidets offer much easier use than their bathroom-installed counterparts and do not need electricity for operation. Looking like a water bottle with long nozzle, travel bidets dispense water when you press their button.

Some travel bidets feature an adjustable nozzle, perfect for both frontal and posterior washing, while others feature narrower nozzles designed specifically to aid postpartum women. All come equipped with bags and carabiners for convenient transportation – ideal for road trips, music festivals, camping or similar outdoor excursions; not recommended for air travel or international travel.


Travel and vacation can make life challenging when it comes to maintaining personal hygiene, so portable bidets offer a convenient solution to keeping clean while out and about.

Travel bidets typically consist of an attachment that fits onto any water bottle, making them portable and lightweight enough for travel use. Some models also come equipped with their own bottle designed specifically for bidet use – though these tend to be heavier.

Tushy has designed an expandable and collapsible portable bidet to easily fit in any bag or fanny pack without looking odd. The nozzle is built into the cap so as not to stick out like an eye sore; and can be adjusted according to pressure level by how hard you squeeze – plus comes complete with its own convenient carrying case for quick access!

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