How Much For a Bidet Toilet?

By Bob Jones May 23, 2023

how much for a bidet toilet

Bidets have become a standard bathroom fixture throughout Europe. Though less popular here, bidets can save both energy and toilet paper costs while providing added savings potential.

A bidet spray attachment typically costs $40-$90 and attaches directly to your existing toilet, saving money on toilet paper use while adding value to your home. A standalone bidet may cost more, but saving on toilet paper costs alone makes this investment worthwhile.

American Standard

American Standard is an industry leader when it comes to bathroom fixtures, offering an impressive selection of ceramic bidets designed to complement their sinks and toilets. Available both floor-mounted versions as well as wall-mounted ones for installation anywhere, their basic spray attachment typically costs $40 while full bidet installations may exceed $2,000.

Bidet seats and toilets may initially cost more, but over time they could save you money by cutting back on toilet paper usage, cutting wasteful energy consumption and saving on water costs.

Standalone bidets are typically constructed of ceramic and come either round or elongated for easy mounting on any faucet surface. Their price can range anywhere from around $500-$1,200 for basic versions without extra features to over $2,600 if they include dryer and massage features.


Kohler offers electric bidets that will reduce toilet paper waste while improving your hygiene, making their luxurious bidet seats both stylish and effective. Plus, there are even some models which may be more budget friendly than their competition!

A bidet seat can be an invaluable investment for both health and wallet. Studies show that bidets can cut your toilet paper consumption by as much as 75% – this translates to reduced clogs, waste reduction and utility bill savings. Furthermore, its eco-friendly nature offers an eco-friendly alternative to dryers; many bidet seats even feature warm air drying features!

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Bidet seats are straightforward to install, but if you lack plumbing or electrical experience it would be wiser to hire a plumber for assistance. They fit over your existing toilet and connect directly to the water supply line via a hose; round and elongated sizes are available to suit every bowl size; quiet close lid technology with quick release hinges ensure quiet use while ergonomically contoured seating offers ultimate comfort.


A Toto Washlet toilet is an advanced seat that attaches over any existing toilet and cleans itself after every use, using less water than traditional models and saving homeowners money on water bills. Renowned for their powerful flush systems and sleek designs, Toto’s toilets feature self-contained composting systems which negate the need for paper toilet rolls altogether.

Toto offers various sizes of Washlets that will fit most toilets. This toilet attachment can be installed on one-piece and two-piece toilets and fits both elongated and round bowls, plus Toto has an online tool to assist in finding the appropriate Washlet size for you.

A Toto toilet may be expensive, but many consumers consider the investment worth their while. Price can sometimes be an obstacle; this model uses up significant energy when running its electronics and may experience power outages – which may not make it suitable for elderly or disabled users who rely heavily on toilet paper for use.


This bidet seat is an expensive high-end model with plenty of features, including adjustable spray positions and pressure. Additionally, it comes equipped with a heated seat, warm air dryer, and self-cleaning nozzles – though may not be suitable for everyone.

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Omigo’s Element toilet paper saver is an easy and eco-friendly solution that reduces our dependence on non-environmentally friendly toilet paper products, with front and rear wash capabilities, adjustable water temperature settings, three spray width options, remote control capability and front/rear wash capabilities.

This model is easy to use, with well-placed controls for those with limited mobility or dexterity. Some prefer its control arm over a remote since it’s easier to grasp and less likely to get misplaced. Plus, there’s also a 90-day trial and 3-year warranty offered! More affordable than other Omigo models yet offering advanced features such as night light control and adjustable temperature controls – you won’t be disappointed when purchasing this option!

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