Best Entry Level Bidet

By Bob Jones Apr11,2023

Best Entry Level Bidet

If you’re in search of either a high-end bidet or something more basic, there are plenty of options to choose from. To identify the top entry level bidet, we analyzed consumer reviews and ratings as well as conducted hands-on testing over two weeks to assess various attributes like ease of use and effectiveness.

1. TOTO C2 Washlet

The TOTO C2 Washlet has been designed for convenience, offering a host of desirable features in an attractive and modern design. With eWater+ technology that heats water instantly with the touch of a button, this eco-conscious luxury can be enjoyed with just one simple push.

A soft rear spray, front cleanse and nozzle oscillation provide the ultimate clean to guarantee that your bathroom remains spotless. A redesigned side panel makes it simple to control and set your preferred water cleansing settings with ease.

In addition, this bidet features a heated seat and warm air dryer for an even softer, more comfortable clean. It also has a deodorizer to keep your bathroom smelling fresh, plus an on-demand remote function that cleans the wand with sterile EWATER+.

The Toto C2 is an excellent entry level bidet. It provides a wide spray and its warm air dryer helped us reduce our toilet paper use significantly.

2. TOTO C5 Washlet

The Toto C5 Washlet is an ideal entry level bidet option, offering all the essential features at a price point that makes it more budget friendly than its more costly competitors.

It has several water-saving features not found in other bidets, such as a concentrated stream and air incorporated into the outgoing water to conserve consumption. Furthermore, its basic tank heater draws energy around the clock to keep warm water ready at all times.

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Toto’s exclusive PREMIST function comes with this toilet bowl, which automatically sprays sterile EWATER+ before and after use to prevent bacteria and odor buildup. Plus, after 8 hours of non-use, it mists again to sanitize nozzles and wash wand.

3. TOTO C2 Elongated

The TOTO C2 Elongated offers eco-conscious luxury in an innovative design. It quickly provides comfortable warm water cleansing at the touch of a button, replacing traditional toilet paper for convenient on-the-go convenience.

This nozzle utilizes TOTO’s PREMIST technology, which wets the surface of the toilet bowl before each use and helps prevent waste accumulation. As a result, your toilet bowl will be 80% cleaner after flushing.

TOTO’s eWater+ system also comes standard, which transforms regular water into electrolyzed water that has been proven more effective at disinfecting bacteria.

The nozzle can also be programmed to perform self-cleaning before and after each use, which can be done at the touch of a button. Doing this sanitizes the surface and increases resistance to bacterial growth.

4. TOTO C2 Elongated Elongated

This sleek and slimline bidet is ideal for entry level homeowners. Engineered with comfort in mind, it features a dual flushing system to deliver aerated water with maximum efficiency and dependability. Plus, its advanced wand uses eWater+ to create an eco-friendly compound that turns into effective cleaning product before and after each use – not to be missed! Powered by an eco-friendly battery, its nozzle will leave everyone in your household in awe.

The Toto C2 elongated urn is an economical choice for budget-minded consumers who value their toilet paper and want their dollars to go further.

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