How to Get Dry After Using a Bidet

By Bob Jones Apr12,2023

how to get dry after using a bidet

A bidet is a hygienic way to clean your anal area and genital area without using soap. It can be used for bowel movement, sexual intercourse, or just to freshen up.

Once you’ve used the bidet, it is essential to thoroughly dry yourself off. Any remaining moisture can lead to irritation and infection.


After using the bidet, it is important to wipe away any waste material. Wiping can help prevent fecal matter from getting into the bidet and onto other surfaces like toilet bowls.

Utilizing a bidet can also eliminate the need for toilet paper, thus saving a great deal of water and trees in the process.

Bidets are becoming more and more common around the globe, especially for those with mobility issues, arthritis and other medical conditions.

These devices can be beneficial to anyone wishing to enhance their personal hygiene after urinating or defecating.

Some bidets even feature a warm air dryer function to eliminate the need for towels or toilet paper.

Your needs and lifestyle determine which method is best for you, but most people find that using a bidet eliminates the need to wipe after peeing. However, it is still recommended that you wash your hands after wiping to maintain a sanitary experience.

Toilet Paper

Bidding on a bidet can be an excellent alternative to toilet paper, as it cleanses your undercarriage without spreading waste around. But using it has its drawbacks – especially when drying yourself off afterwards.

Utilizing a toilet paper towel as you dry after using the bidet is an efficient and common practice, but it may not always be the most efficient. Not only does it waste paper, but it leaves small bits of tissue stuck to your skin as well.

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One solution to this issue is using high-quality toilet paper that can handle a lot of water. Be sure to fold it in half so that it becomes thicker and better able to retain moisture.

Dabbing with toilet paper instead of wiping can help prevent it from tearing and prevents small bits of tissue paper from sticking to your skin. Not only will this speed up drying time, but it’ll save money in the long run as well.

Towel or Washcloth

After using the bidet, it’s essential to get dry. Not only does this promote good hygiene and aesthetics, but also prevents the spread of bacteria and germs that could potentially lead to illness or disease.

Here, a towel or washcloth comes in handy. The most suitable towels for these purposes are made of soft and absorbent materials like terry cloth, flat-woven Fouta or ribbed.

These types of bath towels are great for drying off face or hands. They’re softer than other kinds of towels and won’t scratch or irritate your skin like other types may do.

Maintaining a towel or washcloth nearby is an ideal way to quickly and conveniently dry yourself after using the bidet. A washcloth may even come in handy if your bidet doesn’t have its own built-in dryer function.

Warm Air Dryer

Although bidets often get a bad rap, they can actually be very useful and help you keep clean in an effective way. But to fully enjoy their benefits and prevent any residue from toilet paper residue from lingering around, you must know how to dry after using a bidet properly.

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A warm air dryer is an affordable and convenient way to dry your genital and anal areas after using a bidet. Depending on your sitting position and size, you may need to use the dryer several times before your skin feels completely dry.

Warm air dryers are the most prevalent type of hand dryer found in washrooms worldwide. Unlike ultra-rapid dryers that utilize two high-pressure ‘knives’ of HEPA filtered air to strip water from hands held apart as they ascend through the airstream, warm air hand dryers remove water by simply blowing horizontally downward.

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